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PartyServer Deathmatch - (Clans/Stunts/Duels/Events)


New member

Discord: https://discord.gg/ExPkVqHyWp




PartyServer is a team deathmatch script that is based around Sandy Shores. There are currently 5 teams, SWAT, Pilots, Hicks, Farmers, Nang and Whores however we are planning on adding more as the server progresses. Come log on and shoot some people.

We're looking for active staff/testers so if you're interested join the discord.


  • Teams Each team have their own weapon loadouts & perks, some of these perks include armored vehicles, ammo regeneration, the ability to heal players around you and extra armor on spawn.
  • Races: There are currently 5 races that can be started by any admin. There are leaderboards for race time, racers joined and more.
  • Translations There are currently 4 different language translations (This is a work in progress)
  • Achievements The server has several achievements that you can unlock while playing, once you achieve them you will be rewarded with weapons, money or score
  • Objectives There are 3 capture points around the grand senora desert which each take 60 seconds to capture for your respective team, once captured you will receive a score boost and some money which you can use to purchase weapons & upgrades at the ammunation points.
  • Leader boards There are leader boards that are visible ingame. At this stage of development we are only showing the top 5 players (kills) and the top 5 clans (KDR), more will be added as we collect more data.
  • Clans Clans can be created ingame by any player, once created the leader can invite people & manage the clan. Clans will record the amount of kills, deaths and members the clan has. In the future we will show captures & play time.
  • 1v1 Duels You can request to duel any player in the server, your results will be recorded and are visible at any time in /stats
  • PartyHour Administrators can start partyhour which will spawn a lot of weaponized vehicles around around the map. This hour will also include double score and money.
  • Discord presence Discord users can check the player count and chat with players who are currently ingame
  • Turf wars Each team have one locked turf at their spawn point and there are 50ish other ones around Sandy Shores that are available to claim. It takes 3 members of the same team standing on a turf to begin the capture, the capture time is 2 minutes and the team with the most kills inside that time will win the turf.
  • Random events Such as airdrops to claim, teams to play as, word puzzles etc
  • Voice: Voice chat is currently enabled for local chat only (hold 'B' to chat). In upcoming updates we will add team and clan chat channels.

Finally not a RP server :) I wish you good luck and high online!